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The Kemetic Power Station


Vibrational/Energy Medicine

Nikola Tesla once stated that if you want to understand the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration. Those words echo the ancient wisdom of our ancient ancestors from Kemet "As above so below." We are much more than our physical bodies. Atoms make up molecules and molecules make up cells. "Redox Signaling" is the molecular process of creating new cells, and without this process there would be no cells nor physical body AT ALL!

The rabbit hole gets much stranger when we overstand how atoms bond together  and attach themselves to the etheric template or "ghost" which provides the blueprint of the physical hue-man form. Keep in mind that you also have higher frequency light bodies that are made up of much finer vibrations. The mental, astral and celestial bodies among others.

How the kemetic Power Station works

The frequency that you vibrate at in the most harmonious fashion is referred to as your "home frequency" by Light-Workers and Metaphysicians and "frequency codes" by biophysicists and other scientist. When our home frequency is out of balance we become spiritually, mentally and physically sick. 

The KPS assist the soul in restoring balance by raising our vibration and re-establishing our natural frequency codes