The Intentionator Phi

Sacred Spiritual technology

 The Intentionator is the combination of several instruments in one package.

Remedy maker Function:
Donor plate (left side) where the witness sample is to be placed. Signals from the input sample are then copied, inverted (to create antidote) or potentised and sent to the output plate to make a remedy, and to output antenna, and to probe, hand-held rods, skin electrodes and to the light, laser and magnetic outputs. Thus there are 8 avenues of energy carrier waves to treat. Recipient plate (right side) where the new copied or potentised remedy is made by energizing a blank liquid, tablet, solid or gem. 

Vegatest, EDT Function:
This very sensitive amplifier, under control of Sensitivity knob, functions identically to the VEGA instrument. It connects with the probe and ground rod (tip jack or hand rods (2.5 mm input jack) and detects and measures changes in skin impedance (resistance) which is heard as a sound and displayed on the digital meter. With the hand rods, the display indicates Vital Force Level from 0 to 1000. The Sensitivity knob allows the optimal level to be set for each individual client. 

Microcurrent Function:
This module outputs a low energy carrier wave either from the internal square wave frequency generator or from an external source. The intensity of the microcurrent output is under control of the Intensity knob from 0 to 2 milliamperes, and also controls the intensity of the broadcast when doing distant healing. At the highest intensity level, the Pineal, Pituitary and Retina can be stimulated by placing the probe or skin electrodes beneath the eyelids, when most sensitive individual will see light flashes with the eyes closed. 

Probe sensitivity knob
Controls the power and sensitivity of the probe to detect accu-points, chakras, and meridians - and also controls the amount of energy that the receiving antenna pulls into the machine from the patient or the environment for diagnosis. 

Internal Frequency Generator Function:
Eleven fixed frequencies are available listed below. The twelfth is variable frequency under control of variable frequency knob.

F.M. Switch (Frequency Modulation):
This switches on the sweep function which slowly changes and scans around the central frequency. This is based on our belief that a fixed static frequency is unnatural and less effective.

Unipolar or Bipolar Switch:
Unipolar provides a carrier square wave which goes from 0 volts to the maximum of 12 volts and is more stimulating and favoured by Zapper practitioners. Bipolar wave goes from minus 6 volts to plus 6 volts with each cycle of the output and provides a less stimulating, gentle balanced energy wave.

Rates Function:
This set of 6 switches allow an alternative source to inject homeopathic rates appropriate for each disease or remedy. Rates are metaphysical representations not directly measurable, and not frequencies which are physical and measurable in cycles per second (Hertz). It injects Orgone and Scalar waves into the outputs and emits a field of shielding energy to protect against destructive energy.

Photon Chamber Function:
This is the most important and powerful function which is powered by a separate generator, pure quartz crystal and Sacred Geometry.

Potentising Function:
This 16 position switch boosts the Homeopathic level or metaphysical plane up to and including the Causal Plane which is the source of Causation of all disease and all healing.

Inversion Switch:
Allows the user to copy a potentised replica of the input remedy or rate or to make an inverted antidote to a noxious sample.

Copy Switch:
This activates the copy and transfer function.

Pedal Switch:
This allows hands-free switch from Test Mode to Treat Mode. A toggle switch parallel to the foot pedal allows permanent Treat Mode when clearing or shielding a space 24 hours per day or when making Colloidal Silver.

Audio Output:
An internal speaker announces the Test Mode level identically to the VEGA and other EDT (Electrodermal Testing) instruments. In the Treat Mode the speaker indicates the signal being transferred to the outputs, whether from the internal or external generator.

Digital Display Meter:
Measures the electrical skin resistance and Vital Force level.

Antennas Function:
Input antenna to receive signals from distant sources for assessment and diagnosis. Can be used in place of or to supplement a witness sample. Output antenna to transmit healing signals to distant people, animals, fields, water, objects, locations.

Input Functions:
Jack connector (2.5 mm) for hand-held rods to measure Vital Force Level.
Jack connector (3.5 mm) for inputs from external generators such as Rife, Schumann, Zapper. Right side of instrument with switch to select internal or external source.
Jack connector (3.5 mm) for foot pedal to switch from Test to Treat mode. Front of instrument.

Outputs Function:
Jack connector (2.5 mm) to supply skin and hand-held electrodes under control of Intensity knob which allows level to be attenuated to zero if necessary.
Jack connector (2.5 mm) to supply light, laser and magnetic pad (MRS20000). No attenuation is on this high power output which exceeds that of the MRS2000 and Ondamed. Left side of instrument.

The user/practitioner is the most important and unpredictable component in the system. This is a Scalar/spiritual energy sacramental device which amplifies the prevailing physical, emotional and spiritual state of the operator. It could be unsafe to use when the operator is disturbed or in need of significant healing or clearing. Remember to clear yourself and your space before and after each client without being obsessive or fearful. Clearings can be done with prayer, incense, aromas, flowers, pictures. If you are seeing undesirable results, first look to yourself.

Frequencies Generated in addition to Scalar Waves:

1. 3-5 Hz - 4th-5th Fibonacci numbers in the Phi series, sets damaged cells, boosts immune system
2. 7-8 Hz - 6th Fibonacci number, Schumann Resonance. Natural innate frequency of earth, brainwaves for relaxation
3. 12-13 Hz - 7th Fibonacci number Alpha, for healing (2012 frequency)
4. 21 Hz - 8th Fibonacci number, mid Gamma range
5. 32-34 Hz - 9th Fibonacci number, Gamma related to creativity, pituitary activation
6. 40 Hz - High Gamma related to psychic ability, pineal activation (third eye activation)
7. 89 Hz - 11th Fibonacci number
8. 144 Hz - 12th Fibonacci number
9. 528 Hz - Love frequency (used by microbiologist to repair DNA)
10. 639 Hz - The universal lifewave frequency
11. 741 Hz - To help establish healthy relationships