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Dr. Will Hawkins Jr. Chief Scientist & Founder

Spirituality, science and nature

 HHT merges the greatest technological advancements from the forefront of modern physics, with the skills and expertise of natural heath care physicians and healers. A partial list of HHT professionals includes: Natural Pharmacists, Biophysicists, Metaphysicians, Reiki Masters, Acupuncturist, Chiropractors, Nutritionist, Herbalist and Natural Pediatricians.  

Vibrational Medicine is the future of healthcare

Did you know that our technologies can send you healing frequencies at a distance? Unlike mainstream technologies that  have been shown to broadcast detrimental frequencies that diminish health.

The Intentionator Phi

Permenant healing is accomplished on the vibrational level. Molecular processes creates cells and atomic processes create molecules. These vibrational firlds that make up your atomic structure are known as "frequency codes" this is the deep spiritual level that we work on. Health is not achieved by rejuvinating old cells but creating healthy and vital new cells.


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