Dr. Will Hawkins Jr.
Dr. Will Hawkins Jr.

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Regaining Wholeness With The Kemetic Power Station!

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The Coggings Aura Camera With Halo Vision!

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Melanated Lightworkers Spiritual Retreat!

Raise Your Vibration!


This advanced spiritual retreat will be held in Atlanta Georgia July 4 - 10, 2018! This retreat is perfect to come and elevate your consciousness and vibe FOR REAL. You will drink Alkaline-Nano Gold, Platinum and Silver Solutions and be served Alkaline Foods EVERY DAY! You will be taught advanced/secret meditation techniques to evolve and change the shape of your chakras and increase the power of your entire nervous system.

Our retreat will also include the most powerful healing technologies in the world! The Kemetic Power Station, Coggins Aura Camera, Intentionator Phi, Brain Wave Stimulators, AWR1000 Alkaline Mineral Solution Generator, BioWell Kirlian Camera and conscious technologies that have been suppressed by the military with secrecy orders.

1. We will make fresh, nano gold, silver and platinum mineral waters daily for attendees to drink and bath in.

2. Take aura photos/videos before and after healing sessions and the group will watch healing taking place live on aura video.

3. Experience Advanced Speed Learning Technologies that were placed on secrecy orders for decades. These technologies non-invasively opens up your higher psychic abilities and decalcifies the pineal gland.

4. Specialty Chef preparing Alkaline food dishes

5. Dr. Hawkins will teach you advanced ancient spiritual exercises to protect your aura and psychic self defense.

6. Learn advanced secret knowledge about the evolved shapes of the chakras and creating the template for them to evolve so that you can ascend.

7. Learn how to channel celestial light from various star systems. Exercises includes high powered telescopes.

8. 100 page specialized-personalized book about your chakras, aura and mind as a blueprint to prepare for an abundant life.

9. Learn to see the earth's aura.

10. Learn how to hear supersonic sounds through your pineal gland. (Intergalactic Telepathy) Each participant will witness this higher spiritual ability FIRST HAND!

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